Mexican President unleashes trending topic news

"Peña Nieto doesn't know what IFAI is"

It only took a few seconds for the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, to make a mistake which unleashed a wave of criticism and ridicule all over the internet against him this past Wednesday.

The incident occurred during a conference in Mexico City's National Palace, where he publically declared his assets and tried to explain the "Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data Protection" (IFAI) which was a legislative reform he had just presented not too long ago.

Video: Enrique Peña Nieto explains IFAI

According to Peña Nieto, the IFAI has to do and stands for "the expanded powers of the institute of information and access, access to public opinion and all the information available to the public to and from the Government, the IFAI"

IFAI in Spanish actually means, "Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos."

Immediately there was an awkward silence in the audience while the president tried to maintain his composure.

Peña Nieto had not even finished his speech when on Twitter and other social networks the phrase "Peña No Sabe que es el IFAI" (Peña doesn't know what IFAI is) appeared.

This news kept internet users busy most of the day, whom all criticized the president of not knowing what the AFAI was and pointed out in ridicule that they were worried that he did not know what other institutions were or what they represented like COPARMEX:

The Employers' Confederation of the Mexican Republic, which is a voluntary membership business organization that brings together entrepreneurs from all sectors, and has more than 36,000 companies as members across the country that make up 30% of the country's GDP and has created 4.8 million formal jobs.

Peña Nieto initiated his term in office as President of Mexico this past December 2012, but since then has been severely criticized by many mistakes he has made in the past, including forgetting during an interview the cause of death of his first wife.


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