University in the U.S. offers Hip-Hop minor

The first of its kind

Hip-hop is a genre that day after day is getting more popular and is transcending many borders from all over the world. Therefore, the University of Arizona School of International Language, Literature and Culture in the field of African studies are now offering a minor in this particular culture.

This program will offer a closer look at how the American culture has been influenced by hip-hop, which is a genre whose influence goes from clothes, makeup, hairstyles and marketing.

Alain-Philippe Durand, who is the Director of African Studies in a statement wrote, "The University of Arizona (colleagues, administrators and students) has been very supportive of the creation of this minor and it is not surprising because our university is known worldwide as a university that breaks boundaries and promotes innovative, creative, and even controversial programs."

Durand also added, "We are at the forefront of the space, we have the largest number of French and Italian majors in the country, and now we are the first to take on Hip-Hop studies to the next step (nobody before us designed a minor in hip-hop)."

According to Danger who is a rapper from Tijuana, "Hip hop consists of four traditional fundamentals which are Rap, Graffiti, Break Dancing and the D.J."

Hip-hop is a form of expression that is very complex. Perhaps the most popular area of hip hop is "Rap." It's something that seems very simple with music that you rhyme to the rhythm to. But it's much more than that, it's poetry that doesn't only rhyme, but also expresses what you feel.


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