Same sex marriages in Baja California

The recognition of this issue is urgent

There are thousands of couples in Baja California that share a stable life with each other. One of them is Eduardo and Daniel, who have been living together now for several years and dream of one day being able to get legally married.

"It's not a fad, it is a matter of rights," Eduardo told SanDiegoRed and added, "First of all I cannot add my partner to my insurance, because according to the law he is nobody. If I die and didn't leave a will and leave everything under my name, he will be left with nothing because he would not have any rights. If I'm hospitalized he does not count as family and what bothers me most is that I cannot apply for him to obtain legal U.S. citizenship or get a visa."

In Mexico City, same sex marriages are legal which many people in other states are waiting for these types of unions to be recognized in the rest of the country. Yet, there are institutions that do not comply and cause discomfort for those interested, and who end up taking legal action.

Opinions on this issue vary that even in University classrooms it's a controversial subject that causes a big debate among all students.

With elections just around the corner in Baja California, leaders from the gay community of Tijuana are urging candidates to make some proposals to come up with a solution on this topic.


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