Bob Filner encourages immigration reform debate in Congress

There could possibly be a first vote by June

SAN DIEGO. - Activists of San Diego announced today, the creation of a group that seeks to promote dialogue on immigration reform that will benefit millions of undocumented people in the United States.

The San Diego Table for Immigration Policy (SDTIP), will meet with legislators representing the county to discuss its position in this federal dialogue, and will seek to boost reform that keeps families together and that will lead to a path towards citizenship.

This coalition that is made up by about 20 organizations, has received support from elected leaders, including the new mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner.

"We are all human beings and we are in this together," said the Mayor, who also added that this reform is necessary to give undocumented students an "opportunity" or their "families may be subject to deportation."

The director of the American Friends Service Committee, Pedro Rios, has hopes that this issue will not get past this year without any advancements on the topic, given that President Barack Obama also mentioned it during his inaugural address.

Rios feels that Obama "wants to leave a good legacy" of his presidency, and that he "is looking for the best way to do it."

"The Latino vote had a very strong impact on the federal level. Democrats are seeking to sustain their support while Republicans are looking for it," Rios said.

The activist anticipates that it will be either in March or April when something will be done, because that's when the president will be very active in Washington: "Everything is moving very fast. We believe that after submitting a proposal to Congress, there could possibly be a first vote by June, and for a legislative process, that's quite fast. "

Bob Filner made it clear that this is the right time to encourage this debate in Congress.


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