U.S. and Mexico Federal Agencies join forces against terrorism

Close proximity between the two countries is what makes it necessary

Yesterday, agencies from the United States and Mexico conducted an exercise to measure the responsiveness to a joint binational emergency, in events such as terrorist attacks or an operation against drug traffickers.

"This is an important test on efficiency because there are certain spaces shared between these two countries, like border crossings and the environment. But above all, the close proximity between the two countries is what makes it necessary for any emergency to be resolved by both countries, "Border Patrol spokesman, Douglas Moiser, told Efe.

"There is a lot of coordination and willingness from both countries to work together more efficiently," explained Mosier, who also said that following the exercise, they will analyze the areas of improvement in terms of communication between agencies and both countries.

Among the agencies that participated, a few agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where also included because in case of an attack at the border, they will be in charge of the investigations.

Besides the FBI, other agencies involved in the exercise were the United States Border Patrol from the El Paso Sector, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Mexican agencies that participated in the exercise were the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN), the National Migration Institute (INM), the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB), the Attorney General of the State of Chihuahua, the state Department of Public Safety and Civil Protection of the State, among others.

"The creation of this exercise demonstrates the commitment of government agencies on both sides of the border, to enforce the law and keep our communities safe," explained the spokesman.

The exercise was conducted at a point where the territories of both countries meet, Chihuahua, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.



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