French Kidnapper Florence Cassez on the big screen

Movie already in the "works"

Almost any excuse is always a good excuse to make a movie, especially if there is a lot of material that can be used. And that's exactly what Frenchwoman, Florence Cassez, will do after being set free yesterday in Mexico.

She will now take her story to the big screen.

This topic which is still making headlines on the internet and in social networks, will now be based on her book "In the shadow of my life" (A la sombra de mi vida) that tells the story of what prison has been like for her since 2005.

Cassez role might be played by Marion Cotillard, who is a French actress and has been in films like La Vie en Rose and The Dark Night Rises, among many others.

In such a controversial case that has many people in Mexico claiming justice and criticizing the Mexican Legal System, what are your thoughts on the matter?


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