Anonymous attacks the U.S. Justice Department’s website

Another consequence from Aaron Swartz death

This morning, members of the activist group Anonymous hacked the U.S. Justice Department’s Sentencing Commission website, and placed a threatening message which indicated that they had confidential information ready to be revealed to the media. This action by the group is in retaliation for the suicide of Aaron Swartz, in which the group points out the U.S. Government as the ones responsible for his death.

Anonymous in the message said that Swartz's death was a line they should have not crossed, and also included a video that shows some historical episodes like the Cold War and references to information that could be disclosed.

Another point was that the justice system was unfair and imposing sentences like in the case of Swartz that left him no choice, which led to his death.

The site remained down for several hours, and the FBI is now already investigating the situation.


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