Brazilian prison inmates are given holiday vacations

Many didn’t return

Brazilian prisons often make news due to events that take place in and out of its buildings, and due to the overcrowding problems, according human rights groups, this usually leads to riots and criminal activity.

Brazil currently holds the third largest population in the world, whose facilities all together holds an estimated 500,000 inmates.

According to a study conducted by G1, furloughs are nothing new by which Brazils penal execution law allows inmates who have shown good behavior, served at least 6 months of their sentence and are also from minimum security prisons, are all eligible to leave prison for at least 5 holidays like Mother’s Day, Christmas Day and a date of their choice.

Out of around 27,000 inmates who qualified to be release temporarily under these conditions, 5% of them in 26 states in Brazil have not returned.

If any of these inmates who remain at large are recaptured by authorities, they will never again be eligible to be released for holiday vacations.

Brazilian authorities are still hoping for many of these inmates to return on their own.


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