The Duvier Riascos effect in Tijuana's Xolos

Hailed by fans on Saturdays game

TIJUANA, BC.- The match between Xoloiztucuintles de Caliente vs. Pachuca on Saturday, was yet again more proof of the effect that the Columbian forward, Duvier Riascos, has on the team and the fans.

Whether he comes into the game as a substitute, and whether if he scores or not, what matters is that in every game, he plays with all his heart and effort to give the fans from and outside of this city, a good time.

As the rain came down mostly in the first half of the game on Saturday, there weren't any type of actions worthy to mention, and had very few exciting plays which the fans in attendance were expecting something more spectacular.

At the start of the second half, Duvier Riascos was announced as the first substitute to come into the game, which the fans at the stadium made a lot of noise in excitement for.

Riascos presence in the game made a difference that was noticeable right away, when Club Tijuana started to create some offensive plays that in no time would result into a goal.

At the 55 minute mark of the game, Fernando Arce stole the ball from his opponent from all the way from midfield, and served a long pass to Riascos who dribbled the ball into the goalie box and took a shot at goal, but the ball was blocked by a defender from Pachuca with his hand.

The referee, Ricardo Arellano, right away blew the whistle and called a penalty shot in favor of Xolos, in which Xolos player Aflredo "Chango" Moreno took the shot and put the ball into the net and gave Xolos the advantage 1-0.

Riascos continued to surprise everyone with spectacular and striking plays that would be applauded by the fans for, and also for his efforts on defense when he would run back to help out with his quick speed that he is characterized by.

Since his arrival to the Xolos, the native from Buenaventura, Columbia, has shown his great talent as a starter in 18 games in the Clausura 2012 tournament, where he started off by scoring 5 goals, and then 10 more goals in a total of 22 games that were disputed in the 2012 tournament. And finally at the championship match against the Red Devils from Toluca, he once again scored a spectacular goal when he faked out the goalie Alfredo Talavera, and put the ball in the net.

His style of play is very fast and flashy with a quick speed that he changes very suddenly that drives defenders crazy. Riascos also has very good ball handling skills, in which his dribbles leave the fans with their vision all twisted in the stands, and who all of a sudden takes shots at goal that seem to be impossible. But it's that style of play that flows through the blood in his veins.

Although Riascos was not able to score in Saturdays game, his influence is so much that the fans at the stadium chanted his name loud in appreciation for his efforts, love and dedication that this player has towards Xoloitzcuintles and the red and black jersey.



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