Kombo Kolombia : Entire music group in Mexico murdered

17 bodies have been identified

MONTERREY. - Mexican authorities from the state of Nuevo Leon have now concluded rescue efforts, and have identified 17 bodies of members of the music group Kombo Kolombia, said official sources.

The last three bodies were recovered on Tuesday afternoon in a well near the municipality of Mina, which was possible due to the information provided by the only member of the group who survived and escaped Friday's attack.

The efforts to recover the bodies started on Sunday, and were finally concluded once the victims were identified by family members as being the ones who belong to the music group, who were all also reported as missing, said the prosecutor of Nuevo Leon.

Out of all of those died, 13 of them were members of the group who played an instrument, one was from Columbia, and three others were assistant audio engineers, whose bodies have now been turned over to their family members.

The group had played at a concert in a private party on Thursday that was being celebrated at a bar in the municipality of Hidalgo, which is located right next to Mina.

However, a little after midnight 10 men with guns showed up in some trucks and took all 18 members of the group, including a couple people who had assisted the event.

On the same day that they were all reported as missing by their family members, authorities began an investigation until one of the members of Kombo Kolombia, was able to escape from his captors and led authorities to the well where the other members of the group were found dead.

The well where the bodies were found is 15 meters deep and 70 centimeters wide with some water in it. Conditions that made it difficult in the recovery efforts by specialist from civil protection that were called upon to assist the authorities from the state of Nuevo Leon.

This is the worst killing that has been registered in Mexico since the start of the presidential term of Enrique Peña Nieto that began on December 1, 2012, and the first incident of the murder of an entire musical group.

Officials have not yet come to a conclusion to the motive for the killings, but some believe that the group was directly targeted for revenge by a group that may belong to the organized crime.

The main groups of organize crime that operate in Nuevo Leon are the "Golfo Cartel" and the "Zetas"cartel, who for years have been in a bloody dispute now in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and in Coahuila, as recognized on Tuesday by the spokesman for the state security department, Jorge Domene.




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