6 year old boy being held hostage in Alabama

Gunman kills the bus driver

ALABAMA. - Hours of anguish are being lived through in Midland City, Alabama, where currently for more than 24 hours now a gunman boarded a bus at gunpoint and kidnapped a 6-year-old boy who was on his way to school and left, but not before killing the bus driver, Martha MacCallum.

FBI agents and members of the SWAT team have surrounded the house where the gunman is holding the young boy hostage, who he allegedly kidnapped at random.

The perpetrator is said to be, Jimmy Lee Dykes, who in the next few days has a court hearing regarding charges he is facing for shooting a firearm against his neighbors.

A witness told the reporters of the local Fox news channel, "we were about to go drop off the kids, when all of a sudden the neighbor jumped into the bus, and started yelling that he needed a kid, any kid, because he had some problems with the authorities. He then shot the bus driver."

The young boy being held hostage has yet not been freed and his parents are living through hours of anguish because of the situation.

More information will be released as the event unfolds.




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