U.S. outsourcing to Mexico top priority

Drug related violence second on the list

SAN DIEGO, CA. – Due to the reduction of drug related violence, the economy will now move to the forefront of issues in the relationship between Mexico and the U.S., according to experts who analyzed the political agenda after the presidential elections in both countries.

"The bilateral relationship is likely to remain positive with increased collaboration. Therefore, it is important to increase awareness in the U.S. of what happens in Mexico," said Roderic Camp, who is the author of nearly 30 books that have been mostly about Mexico.

Camp, who participated in a forum organized by the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego, found that this relationship will continue to focus on the economy and security, although there are still some structural impediments that limit the exchange of goods at ports of entry.

In his opinion, the binational collaboration which is considered "as a secret for decades", like the flu epidemic of 2009 in Mexico where information was shared, and also the use of information by the San Diego Police from cameras that are installed in Tijuana, shows the "effects that it has on decisions that are made at the federal level to local representatives."

For the political science professor at the University of San Diego, Emily Edmonds, the issue of immigration has given way in the bilateral relationship to other issues like energy, trade and security.

"The U.S., who benefits from fifty cents per every dollar spent on items from Mexico, compared to six cents per dollar spent on goods from China. It only makes sense to continue transferring ‘maquiladoras’ (assembly plants) south of the border," said Edmonds.



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