Stephen Steinlight: Mexicans will cause a Revolution in the United States

Calls Republicans "Surrendered Monkeys"

"Mexican immigrants will cause a bloody revolution in the United States if they are granted citizenship." These are the strong and surprising statements made at a conference by Stephen Steinlight, who is a member of the Center for Immigration Studies.

These statements were recorded on video, which the group of Latino activists, Cafe Con Leche Republicans, published and shared through social networks.

VIDEO: Stephen Steinlight talks about immigration reform

Speaking specifically about Mexicans, Steinlight said: "No one knows how long it will be before they do something similar to the movements made by African Americans when looking for the rights of African American people, this time I can promise you that the hoes be even bloodier "

Steinlight’s opposition to the immigration reform in the video is very clear, and is also someone who is recognized by many activists as a closed-minded person, who in the video also described Republicans as "surrendered monkeys" when he made referred to the defeat of the Republican, Mitt Romney, in the Presidential Election of November 2012.

Recent statements on plans for immigration reform have shown unity in American politics, but also have caused a division among conservative groups, this is one example.


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