Obama shooting at Camp David

The image has caused international controversy

The White House released a picture which shows President Barack Obama shooting a shotgun, which has caused an international controversy since the topic of gun control has been one of its most recent issues.

It was on August 4, 2012 when the picture was taken while the president was shooting at clay figures. Previously, Obama has said he respects the game as an activity carried out by several citizens, but image has now created some doubts about the real opinion that Obama has on weapons. The activity was held at Camp David, which is a place he has visited a few times. The employee’s commented that when Obama visited the place, he looked very uncomfortable with target practice.

When the image was released by the White House, they specified that it was forbidden to make alterations to the image by any means or used in political propaganda against the President or his family.

Many were puzzled and wondered if President Obama understood the feelings of those who own guns and use them responsibly. The image was released so that gun owners could see that Obama on their side.


This past week, talks continued on the measures that could reform the gun control law, which sole purpose is to reduce violent episodes that have occurred in various cities throughout the United States. One of the most important conferences held, was that in which involved former senator, Gabriella Giffords, who after being the victim of a shooting has made a miraculous recovery, and has advocated for this cause.

During President Obama’s previous term in office, the operation of "Fast and Furious" where hundreds of weapons reached the hands of organized crime, and were originally intended to be used to track them down, failed and turned the mission into a really bad situation that the U.S. government has any connection with. All of the missing weapons are now part of the violence in Mexico and Latin America.




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