10 people from Tijuana killed in a Bus accident

They were coming back from a trip to Big Bear

[p]The California Highway Patrol has now confirmed 10 people dead so far, after the unfortunate accident that occurred yesterday when a group of people were returning from Big Bear.


According to authorities, the bus that had 38 passengers lost control due to a brake failure, and crashed into a Ford Explorer which also pushed another compact car from behind, forcing it to crash into a trailer. In both of the smaller vehicles, there was only one single person traveling in them.

So far, authorities have not yet released the name of the victims.

The agency that organized the trip is called Inter Bus, and is located at Salinas Gustavo Boulevard Plaza Conquistador 10 755 22 014 #18 in Tijuana, Baja California.

Inter Bus through their Facebook page is in communication with people who are seeking information on the victims, and issued the following statement:

Currently, family members and friends of the victims have been posting information regarding the accident on Inter Bus Facebook page, and have also posted complaints like in the case of Mariela Garcia, who said that she is in the hospital with one of the victims and clarified some statements that Inter Bus had made previously.

At this moment there has not been any new information on the accident, but we will release any details as they come in.




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