Mexican Port of Entry partially closed in search of a homicide suspect

Law enforcement is looking for Christopher Jordan Dorner in Southern California and Tijuana

The manhunt of a homicide suspect that started in Los Angeles has been extended to San Diego and Tijuana in Mexico, where the Mexican Port of Entry of El Chaparral has been partially closed to stop any chances of him escaping to Baja California.

Christopher Jordan Dorner
Christopher Jordan Dorner

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has been looking for Christopher Jordan Dorner, suspected of having killed 3 persons and injured 2 more, through the city of angels and the Inland Empire, specifically in Riverside and Corona and now has asked Tijuana’s Public Security Secretary for support.

The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) has confirmed the presence of this person in the city and is afraid he was able to cross to Mexico, or that he already crossed.

The last report said that only 2 lines to cross to Mexico through the Port of Entry of El Chaparral are open, while the others remain closed and the SDPD is checking all the autos crossing to Tijuana.

Dorner is driving a blue or grey Nissan Titan truck, with plates 7X03191 or 8D83987.

For all San Diego residents, the police have asked to report any suspicious activity to the 911, and in Tijuana to call 089 or 066.

*Courtesy U-T San Diego

Dorner has expressed no doubt in shooting anybody who tries to stop him, and he’s considered armed and dangerous. He’s a former United States Navy and a former cop; some reports indicated he was last seen in the naval base of Point Loma in San Diego.


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