Doctors say Hugo Chavez will not recover

Venezuelan Government will make an official statement

A team of doctors who have looked after the health of Hugo Chavez, have now informed his family members that he will not recover from his current health condition, news that the Venezuelan Government will also make official in the next few days.

This news has been reported by the Spanish newspaper ABC, who has been one of the few media sources to release details of the health conditions that Hugo Chavez has been going through.

The news comes after knowing that the nation's electoral board had discussed the possibility of holding new presidential elections.

The last time Hugo Chavez was seen in public was when he addressed the people of Venezuela on December 8, 2012, about his surgery and named Nicolas Maduro as his successor. Chavez has battled cancer now for nearly four years, and this was the first time he spoke of anything like this in any of his speeches, which makes it almost like a bad omen that could possibly be coming true.

After the surgery that Chavez went through, Maduro said that the president had only suffered respiratory complications, but there were other reports that painted a different pictured of Chavez health condition, where there were claims that the president had been in an induced coma, nearly two feet of his small intestine was removed, a tracheotomy was performed and that he also was suffering from renal insufficiency.

New reports say that Chavez has lost his voice completely and is unable to return to Venezuela, let alone perform his duties as president of that nation. These are facts that are already known by the Supreme Court in Venezuela, who now must act by what is marked in its constitution and hold new presidential elections.

This couldn’t be a better time for Venezuelans who currently are facing a serious economic problem. Venezuela recently devalued its currency against the dollar, which many analysts consider inadequate because it does not solve the fiscal deficit or the overvaluation of their currency.

"We have to do more with less," said Nicolas Maduro before making the announcement of the economic change.

The measure will take effect next Wednesday,when the banks will again re-open after the Carnival celebrations in Venezuela.


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