Xolos 1-2 America : the champion is defeated

With only 9 men on the field the "Aguilas" pull off a victory

TIJUANA, BC. – In a very exciting match, the Aguilas (Eagles) of Club America were able to pull off a victory (2-1) against Club Tijuana Xolitzcuintles de Caliente tonight, with goals by Osvaldo Martinez and Paul Aguilar, and scoring for the Xolos was Pablo Cesar Aguilar.

The match took place at Caliente stadium in Tijuana, and was part of Week 6 of the Clausura 2013 tournament in the Liga MX.

Due to the injury of Alfredo "Chango" Moreno, head coach Antonio Mohamed had to modify the players on the field from the usual 4-4-3 set up to a 4-4-2.

The very first play that posed any threat came with only two minutes into the game, where Duvier Riascos received a pass in the middle of the big goalie box, and tried to shake off a defender for a shot at goal which he did manage to kick, but the ball ended up in the hands of the goalie.

In the eleventh minute of the match, Cristian Pellerano from Xolos committed a foul against Christian "Chucho" Benitez inside the goalie box, which the referee awarded America a penalty shot that Osvaldo Martinez took like a master, and put America ahead on the scoreboard 1-0.

Although America was ahead on the scoreboard, they stopped launching an intense offensive attack like before and just started to play calmly. This allowed Xolos now to launch more offensive counter attacks to try to even up the score.

With only 21 minutes of the first half that has now gone by, Rubens Sambueza committed a foul against Duvier Riascos that earned him his second yellow card, and automatically was ejected from the game leaving now his team with only 10 players.

Although Tijuana now had the advantage of one extra man, they were not able to score against America which in some plays there were up to seven players up top on the attacks.

Aquivaldo Mosqueda in the 38th minute of the game would be the second player from America to be ejected, after receiving his second yellow card in the match which would now leave hi team with only 9 players on the field.

At this point of the game, here is where the strategy battle began between head coach Miguel "Piojo" Herrera from Club America and head coach Antonio Mohamed from Xolos, who substituted Juan Carlos Nuñez out for Raul Nava.

As the game progressed the actions were mostly by Xolos, who throughout the entire second was the only team that would advance up and down the field.

The only chance that America had to score again was in minute 53 of the match, when Paul Aguilar dribbled the ball almost 3 quarters of the way down the field, and then took an impressive shot at goal that caught goal keeper Saucedo by surprise, which the shot ended touching the back of the net to put America now ahead 2-0.

Xolos continue to insist on offensive attacks, and finally in minute 75 of the game Pablo Cesar Aguilar was able to score a goal to put up the Xolos on the scoreboard now 2-1. This goal got all the fans at Caliente stadium to begin shouting Xolos! Xolos! in an effort to encourage the team to make a comeback, but it was not enough as the clock was now winding down.

The referee blew his whistle to mark the end of the match and give America a very important victory, while also handing down the first loss for Xolos in this tournament.



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