Christopher Dorner paralyzes U.S.-Mexico border

Has an intention of crossing into Mexico

VIDEO: The search for Dorner causes confusion

Last week two bodies of a couple were found in a dorm room in Irvine, California, south of Los Angeles, which these killings are attributed to Dorner, who police found a connection between the woman who was murdered and Dorner.

The woman's father represented Dorner in a police brutality case in 2008 that Dorner lost.

Christopher Dorner is currently still on the run from authorities, and some reports state that he has been in San Diego County and Big Bear. It is also thought that he has intentions of crossing the border going into Mexico.

Such is the paranoia of the police, where two women now have been shot for driving a vehicle similar to the last one in which the suspect was seen driving in.

Others who physically resemble the suspect have also been arrested, as was the case of a man who was visiting San Diego on a business trip with his boss.

Authorities are taking all possible safety measures and launching several operations to capture this man, so if you are coming to Tijuana we recommend that you come along with a lot of patience.


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