Permit to hunt illegal immigrants

Sticker causes outrage in Colorado

"Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit" is what is written on a sticker that has caused outrage in the Latino community in Easton, Colorado.

The message that is written on these decals is considered as being racist and has stirred some controversy in the south west part of the United States. They are currently being sold in several stores and gas stations.

Agfinity is the company who is selling these stickers in their own stores, and also now regrets the sale of this product and released a statement.

"We at Agfinity deeply regret the concern this issue related to bumper stickers that had been for sale in our store has raised in our community. We have removed the bumper sticker display from our stores. As an organization, we do not condone offensive messages of this nature."

The pressure that the company received from all of those who were offended, caused Agfinity to take immediate action to remove all of these stickers from all of their shelves.

Illegal immigration keeps on being a hot topic in the country, meanwhile the administration of President Barack Obama, continues its debate on an immigration reform.

69% of the Latino community who voted for Obama in the last presidential election, expect for him to fulfill his promise on new legislation that would benefit more than 11 million illegal immigrants that are currently living in the U.S.


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