Backstreet Boys make a come back

Documentary will be made to celebrate 20 years

If you grew up in the years leading to Y2K ("the 90's";), then you grew up in a time where there was another boy band fever, in which the group the "Backstreet Boys" became one of the most popular and influential groups in the world. In appreciation to their fans, the members of this group have announced that they will be making documentary film, where they will reveal all of their secrets.

Stephen Kijak will be the film director for the documentary, which will focus from their childhood until the years that they became world famous. Phases of their private life will be revealed along with images that have never been seen.

Currently, through a fan page on Tumblr many pictures are being sent by fans, who have had the opportunity to pose with the group, and which some of these pictures will be used in this new documentary. So if you have some, you can send them.

VIDEO: Backstreet Boys at the Disney Christmas Parade

Kevin, AJ, Nick, Brian and Howie, are all part of the musical group that caused a phenomenon in the late 90's and who continue to be heard until this day, and even though they separated a while ago because of a few problems among the members of the group, in a press release the band said:

"We've always wanted to do some kind of movie and this is the ideal time to do so. With the return of Kevin, a new album that is about to be launched and our 20th anniversary, the timing is perfect. "

The release of this documentary is expected to be sometime this year. And for the meantime, you can see the band alongside the New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men on a U.S. tour that is scheduled for this summer.

It has not been decided yet if the film will be in theaters or go straight to DVD and Blu-Ray.





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