Prophecies of the new Pope

Could it be the end of the world?

The resignation of Benedict XVI as leader of the Catholic Church has raised various assumptions of a few prophecies, which one of them states that his successor will be the antichrist, and another one that says that it will be the beginning of "the end of days."

According to the Bible verses in Revelation 17:10 it says "five kings have already fallen, the sixth now reigns, and the seventh has not arrived yet but his reign will be brief ..." The interpretation of this verse for many, is in reference to John Paul II tenure as the Pope, who was then succeeded by Benedict XVI and lasted only eight years as the Pope.

Revelation 17 speaks of "the great prostitute" which is said to be the name that the Catholic Church is referred to. Why a prostitute? Just how like the word refers to a woman who sells her body. In this case it would be for the church's ties with the world, dealing with the government, criminals, and the concealment of crimes such as pedophilia and more. The Bible in verse 15 in the same chapter speaks about the great prostitute who rules over the waters, which would in this case refers to the masses that follow the principles of the Catholic Church, including every tongue and nation.

The Catholic Church has been criticized by several communities because of their great display of wealth that they have, in which for the leading members of the church; they usually wear gold and precious stones on their clothing. The colors purple and red are what distinguish the season of Lent the Passion of Christ.This woman is described as wearing a purple dress, a scarlet and several jewels.

In the ninth verse of the same chapter, the Bible says that the great prostitute rules over seven hills. Geographically speaking, the Vatican nation is within the limits of Rome, which was founded on seven hills:

Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome

Among the candidates who could possibly replace Benedict XVI, are two Cardinals with dark-skin, who are Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana and Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of South Africa, which this also coincides with another prophecy.

Nostradamus said that "a successor of color in the twenty-first century will mark the end of the world". Back then, it was said that after the coming of a leader of colored skin, the Apocalypse would then follow right after.

Peter Turkson
Peter Turkson
Wilfrid Napier
Wilfrid Napier
Returning to the book of Revelation in the Bible, verse 11 of Chapter 17 which dictates: "This king is like the other seven, and he too is headed for destruction," another reference to the end of the world.

Interestingly, after the resignation of Benedict XVI was confirmed, lightning struck St. Peter's Basilica which many took it as a bad sign.


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