9 year old girl raped by Stepfather gives birth

Police arrest the man in Guadalajara Mexico

After an extensive investigation and a DNA test, it was revealed that the identity of the father of the child that a nine year old gave birth to in Guadalajara, Mexico, is her very own step farther.

The stepfather who was identified as

Abundio Guadalupe García, 44 years of age, was captured by authorities early Wednesday morning at his home in the neighborhood of Francisco I. Madero in Guadalajara.


Abundio Guadalupe García
Abundio Guadalupe García

The State Prosecutor of Guadalajara, Tomas Coronado Olmos, said that after the stepfather was arrested, he then confessed of his actions towards the child-mother. The Prosecutor also mentioned that the man had told the nine year old, to tell the family that the baby's father was a friend that is 17 years of age.

The young mother
The young mother

The mother of the victim first learned about the young child's pregnancy when she was already seven months pregnant, and did not know who the father was. The first version of the story that the young mother first told her family was that the person who impregnated her was a 17 year old boyfriend she met at a flea market.

Prosecutors handling the case had ordered studies to determine the approximate age of the young child-mother, which the anthropological study resulted in the following: "The young child's chronological age is 13, with a margin of error that can be up to eight months, either more or less."

The dental examination revealed that the teeth were like those of a 12 year old child. However, the State Attorney is still waiting for other a genetic test to know her exact age.

The exact age of the child is not known, because she was born on a farm with the help of a local untrained nurse, and was registered until 2011 with the Civil Registry office.

Authorities consider that regardless of her exact age, the mother is too young and that if she stays living at home, she may face other hazards and damage her integrity. Therefore, the prosecutor mentioned that for the meantime the young girl and her baby will stay in a hostel for women, until they can find a safer place for her to stay at.




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