Injuries increase in Russia from Meteor fall

More than 200 children are hurt

Fragments from a meteor fell over the region of Urales, Russia, and about 1,000 people have been injured as of a result.

According to the stories of some people who witnessed the event, the meteorite was very bright almost like a second sun that suddenly broke into several pieces and caused a shock wave that broke the windows of buildings that injured many people.

Social networks were filled with comments that made references to the extinction of the dinosaurs, the arrival of superman and doomsday. This natural phenomenon, that has been seen by very few, has caused a lot of paranoia among people that fear that it could happen again, particularly now that the asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass by close to planet Earth. The videos and images captured by the Russians are impressive, scenes that look like they were taken from a movie.


This morning , the European Space Agency (ESA) said that the meteor had nothing to do with the asteroid 2012 DA14 and that the technology that it currently available, is insufficient to prevent such phenomenon’s like this one.

The meteor disintegrated after passing through the atmosphere, and at least four people were hit by fragments. There are no reports of any deaths yet, but there are two victims in intensive care.

It was a meteorite that weighed about 10 tons and broke into pieces of approximately 20 cm in diameter.

It some places like in Chebarkul, at a lake there it created a crater.

More than 20,000 rescuers were waiting for instructions to be called out to treat victims since the first reports began.

The situation continues to be analyzed and the Russian authorities are also dealing with victims in various hospitals.

Since the temperature is approximately 14 degrees below zero in the region, efforts are being focused around the families and businesses whose windows were broken from the incident.


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