Jaguares 2-0 Xolos, Tijuana stumbles in Chiapas

Edgar Castillo was ejected from the game

TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, CHIAPAS. – The team that is currently in last place in the general standings board was able to defeat Club Tijuana (2-0) tonight after Edgar Castillo was ejected from the game, which left Xolos with only 10 men on the field.

The match that was played tonight at the Victor Manuel Reyna stadium in Chiapas is part of Week 7 of the Clausura tournament 2013 of the Liga MX.

For the Xolos head coach Antonio Mohamed, this is the first time that under his leadership that the team is defeated in two consecutive matches.

Here is how the game played out…

Good play action early in the game got all the fans excited especially when Fidel Martinez in the sixth minute of the match kicked over a great pass to Joe Corona (Xolos), who dove to head the ball in. But the ball just veered off to the side of the arch that was being defended by Edgar Hernandez.

At minute twelve of the match, Leiton Jimenez missed an opportunity to score against the Xolos, when from a corner kick he stopped the ball with his chest right in front of Cirilo Saucedo, who was able to keep the ball and prevented the goal.

The game got a bit boring for a while until around minute 32, when Martinez was able to kick a great pass to Duvier Riascos, who was not able to connect with the ball and just watched it pass by. Jaguares were able to respond with a play of their own, when in the last corner kick of the first half, Luis Gabriel Rey was able to head the ball in the direction of the goal arch, but Cirilo Saucedo was just in time to deflect the ball and prevent a goal once again.

On the very last play of the first half, Jose David Toledo took a shot at goal but the ball just ended up at gloves of Saucedo.

In the second half of the match, Antonio Mohamed decided to take Joe Corona from the game and sent Richard Ruiz in. This change had almost an immediate effect when Ruiz was able to get a shot off, which ended up just hitting the goalie from Jaguares chest, because Ruiz didn’t really have a good angle to put the ball into the net. The game still continued to remain scoreless.

It wasn’t until minute 48 of the match, where Luis Gabriel Rey would score a penalty shot caused by Edgar Castillo, who pulled Franco Arizala from his jersey which earned Castillo his second yellow card in the game, and the ejection. The game now was Jaguares 1-0 Xolos.

This goal gave Jaguares a lot of confidence, who then started to make very good plays that in the 59th minute of the match, Arizala was not able to capitalize on a good play that would of given Jaguares a bigger advantage in the game.

Arizala did not want to disappoint his team and the fans, where in minute 62 of the match him and Rey developed a great play, in which Rey took advantage off and scored by sending the ball in between the legs of Saucedo. Jagaures were up now 2-0.

Towards the end of the game things got a bit physical, where the referee Roberto Garcia Orozco had to penalize a couple players with a yellow card to calm things down.

Garcia then soon after blew the whistle for the end of the match that would now give Jaguares their first victory in the season, while Xolos now lose their second consecutive match.

Xolos will fly to Bogota, Columbia, to face Millonarios on Tuesday in the Copa Libertadores of America tournament. Xolos next game in the Liga Mx will be on Saturday February 23 against Atlante.



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