Pope Benedict XVI will have legal immunity

Is protected only within Vatican City limits

An anonymous source confirmed to Reuters news agency that once Benedict XVI is no longer the Pope. He will enjoy legal immunity as long as he remains within the Vatican City limits.

He will be protected against any sexual abuse lawsuit cases that involve any member of the clergy.

According to Joseph Ratzinger, staying within the smallest nation in the world involves all kinds of safety and protection that include legal matters, housing and financial security.

This morning, the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said that the conclave to elect Benedict's successor might be held ahead of schedule. He had previously announced that the event would take place between March 15 and the 19th.

The reason for the change of plans by the Catholic Church is because, if the 117 cardinals get to the Vatican before those dates that were previously announced, then they could start the process due to Benedict’s resignation instead of stopping all functions like when a Pope passes away.

Meanwhile, the Pope will continue with his agenda of activities and will be hosting tomorrow the president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina.




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