Meteors detected over San Francisco and Cuba

People took to the streets last night to observe the strange phenomenon

Just a day after the meteorite that fell in the Urals, Russia that left more than 1,000 people injured. Citizens from all over the world are now reporting sightings of a similar phenomenon in Cuba and California.

Videos and pictures have been circulating on the internet, and in both of these new cases there are no known victims yet.

In the Pacific coast from Gilroy to Sacramento, people took to the streets last night to observe the strange phenomenon of a fireball traveling across the sky.

VIDEO: Meteor in San Francisco

Hours after the incident in Urals, Russia, inhabitants of Rodas, which is part of the province of Cienfuegos in Cuba, alerted everyone about a fireball that was seen in the sky. Officials reported that there no damages from the explosion, and began to search for the place where the celestial body might have fallen of the fireball, stone and metal fragments that entered the atmosphere at a high speed.

VIDEO: Meteor in Russia

Member of the American Meteor Society, Mike Hankey, said that each year 5 to 10 Meteors fall to Earth, but that the chances of something similar to what happened in Russia are very slim.

John Braidman, who is astronomer and an instructor at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, reported that these objects (meteors) typical disintegrate by the time that they fall from the sky, which make them difficult to locate. It is known that some are as small as a grain of rice. In any case, the strange thing about these recent events is the proximity to the areas where they were able to have been sighted.


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