Mexican Supreme Court reverses ban of musical genre

"Narcocorridos" will be allowed again

The Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico reversed the ban on "corridos" in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.

The state government of Sinaloa had previously made a decision to ban these songs (Narcocorridos), because they felt that it encouraged drug activity. But during the time of prohibition, this style of music continued to be played throughout the internet and at private events.

A narcocorrido, is a type of song that chronicles the life of a person throughout its lyrics and talks mostly about major events.

The governor of the state of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, had first placed banned this type of music in May 2011, in which bands who played this type of music were prohibited from playing in public places such as bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

The Supreme Court has now determined that the Valdez had "exceeded his authority".

In the past, criminal groups have murdered singers like Valentin Elizalde, and threaten other artists such as Espinoza Paz, Los Tigres del Norte and Los Tucanes de Tijuana, who were also banned from performing in certain cities in Mexico.

The ban arose because some government officials considered that this type of music denigrated the values of the people from Sinaloa, in particular the youth.

Due to the Supreme Court's decision, the Sinaloa state Undersecretary of Inspection and Regulation, Bernardo Cardenas, said the order will be satisfied even if state authorities disagreed with it.

Although this measure is in reference to Sinaloa, other states that have also banned certain musical genres could be affected as well.

This is not the first time that a musical genre is prohibited in a certain region. Just a few weeks ago, government officials in Cuba announced that reggaeton was forbidden on the island for inciting misconduct.


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