Baja Beer Fest 2013: Ensenada

Baja’s Association of Craft Breweries (ACABC) announced the date for these years festival

Last week, Baja’s Association of Craft Breweries (ACABC) announced the date for these years Baja Beer Fest first Edition in Ensenada. As last year, the festival will tour around the Baja state to promote the products of its members.

This upcoming March 23rd we will celebrate this season’s first festival, The Baja Beer Fest has become in the most important beer event in the north of Mexico. A great thing about this event is that it will be judged by the BJCP, this year the Judie panel will be formed by US professional judges and the first batch of Mexican BJCP judges in training, the first in Mexico’s short craft beer history.

Baja’s secretary of tourism was at the press conference, he expressed how important the beer industry is in he’s agenda, and offered their support as far as credit opportunities for breweries and promotion of this event. The ACABC and the secretary of tourism will be looping for a public relations agency in San Diego to promote and attract Americans to the festival. The price of the event has not yet been disclosed but it will be around the last year’s price, besides the 45 Breweries at the BBF there will be local artists playing good music and some of Baja’s best restaurants.

The Baja Beer Fest is an economic and cultural pump for the palate. Like Baja’s famous cuisine, the craft beer culture is on the rise and Works as a job creator and a good healthy industry for the state’s tourism. If you don’t like craft beer you haven’t found your beer.


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