Hugo Chavez is back in Venezuela

Details regarding his inauguration will be given

A few hours ago, Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela. This news was confirmed through messages on his Twitter account, and also by the Venezuelan government who made an official announcement.

The Vice President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said that the President arrived back in his home country at 2:00a.m.

Chavez had been in Havana, Cuba, since December 8, 2012, to have surgery to for cancer treatment. Due to respiratory complications, he now has trouble speaking and breathing.

The healing process of Chavez has been full of mystery, which has led to a lot of criticism of the Venezuelan government for providing little information throughout this whole time.

The Spanish newspaper ABC was the first media source to report on the health condition of Chavez, where they mentioned various health complications that would even prevent him from returning back to Venezuela, and let alone come back and assume the presidency.

Hugo Chavez will be admitted into the military hospital in Caracas, Venezuela, for the moment. And an announcement is expected to be made soon, in which details regarding his inauguration will be given.


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