56% of Mexicans approve of their President

The results of the survey were published on Monday

According to a survey that was conducted by Buendia and Laredo, 56% of Mexicans approve of the work being done by the President of Mexico.

With less than three months as the nation's leader, Enrique Peña Nieto has gradually gained the approval of the people, which the results of this survey was published yesterday in the newspaper "El Universal".

The survey was done to 1,000 people with a margin for error of 3.5 percent.

This is not the first time that a Mexican President obtains a low approval rating. Previously, the administration of the ex-president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, experienced the same results that then gradually increased his approval rating with the people of Mexico.

It is believed that one of the projects that have helped Peña Nieto the most was the "Pact for Mexico" initiative, which seeks the integration of members of Congress, so that the people of Mexico can benefit from this collaboration in the government.

Javier Oliva, who is a political analyst at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) said, "Peña Nieto has a great advantage over Calderon, many years ago there wasn't this type of measure for the integration of political parties."

Another of Peña Nieto's most ambitious projects is the "national crusade against hunger" that began about a month ago, and has already been the subject of controversy.

This is only the first three months of Peña Nieto's six year Presidential term, and so far his government has had to deal with extremely controversial issues like, the Supreme Court case of the Frenchwoman Florence Cassez which caused a lot of outrage in the country, the unexplained explosion at the executive building of PEMEX, southern states who are taking up arms against organized crime on their own, and the return of the Zapatista National Liberation Army.

The way that Peña Nieto's government will handle these issues, will determine a lot if his approval rating goes up or down.

In comparison, Barack Obama has 60% of approval with the american citizens.




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