Xolos "B team" loses to L.A. Galaxy 2-6

It was a spectacular friendly match

CARSON, CALIFORNIA. - The match took place in front of 14,000 fans that made it out to the field at the Home Depot Center, where the rain never stopped falling throughout the game.

The match was only a few minutes underway when suddenly the L.A. Galaxy immediately scored. Robbie Keane got through four defenders and took a shot a goal, which was being defended by Miguel Garcia, and put the ball in the net to give L.A. the early advantage.

After this goal, Galaxy took control of the game from this point on.

At the 36th minute of the first half, Galaxy would again attack towards the left side of the field which would end up in a goal, when a defender from Xolos tried to get the ball out of the goalie area, but instead the ball landed right in front of a Galaxy player who took a shot to put the team up 2-0.

As the rain continue to pour down, the first half would now end with Galaxy up two goals to none.

At the start of the second half Rafael Garcia, who had just come into the game, earned a red card that would take him out of the game after a dangerous play.

After 65 minutes now of playing time, Galaxy did not reduce any pressure to keep on scoring, in which on a spectacular half scissor kick by Bryan Gaul would put the Galaxy ahead now 3-0.

Xolos finally around the 68th minute of the match would start to take advantage of having one more player on the field, and in a great play Luis Garcia would score on Galaxy goalie, Brian Rowe, and put Xolos on the scoreboard 3-1 advantage L.A. Galaxy.

Luis Trujillo from Xolos would make a mistake one minute later in the game, and earned a red card that ejected him from the game, which would now even up the number of players on the field for both teams.

Hector Jimenez from Galaxy at minute 79 of the match would score to put them ahead now 4-1.

After this goal by the Galaxy, the Xolos would immediately answer back with a goal by Bruno Piceno, who took a free kick and placed the ball very well on the top right corner of the arch that was impossible for Rowe to block. The score was now 4-2.

Jack Mcbean would score the 5th goal for the Galaxy, after receiving a great pass when Xolos were not paying much attention to the game, and placed the ball in the net.

On the last play of the game, Bryan Gaul from the Galaxy would score after the bad judgment by the defenders of Xolos.

The match would end with Galaxy 6-2 Xolos.



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