Grenade explodes at Mexican government building

Entire staff that was working at the time was evacuated

MEXICO. - At least two people were injured after a grenade explosion in Ciudad Victoria in front of the government building in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, which is located in the northeast part of Mexico and the U.S. border, government officials said.

A source at the State Attorney's Office said that the device was detonated yesterday afternoon, and that the the people who suffered injuries from the explosion are employees of various agencies that operate in the state government headquarters.

Emergency medical personnel arrived quickly on the scene and treated everyone that was wounded by shrapnel from the explosive device.

Also, hundreds of state troopers, members of the Mexican army and federal police arrived at the location and closed off an area, while a helicopter also flew over the area.

The building where the explosion occurred is four stories high. And the entire staff that was working at the time was evacuated through various emergency exits that were available in the building.

So far, state government authorities have not issued an official statement on the matter.

Tamaulipas is considered one of the most violent states where Mexican drug cartels hold a violent territorial dispute.


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