Tijuana Cultural Center will now host Book Fair

This will be the new headquarter

In previous years, the book fair first marched down Avenida Revolucion, then the parking lot of Plaza Rio, and now it looks like it has found a more suitable place close to its origins at the Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut).

The 31st edition of this event will be held from June 7 to the 16th at the cultural center which is located at the Zona Rio district. This was announced after the agreement between Elsa Arnaiz Rosas, who is the director of the Institute for Art and Culture (IMAC) and the new head director for the CECUT, Pedro Palacio Ochoa.

Padreo Ochoa Palacio and Elsa Arnaiz Rosas
Padreo Ochoa Palacio and Elsa Arnaiz Rosas

The initiative has received a strong support from the Booksellers Union of Tijuana, participating institutions and the community in general. This change is expected to have beneficial results, while the event is awaiting an official place for the rest of its editions.

The Tijuana Book Fair was born 33 years ago through an initiative that was started by nine booksellers, all whom now make up the Union of Booksellers of Tijuana in the CANACO section.

This event had its first exhibition on June 6 to the 26th, 1980, on Eighth Street, which is between the Avenues of Revolucion and Madero, and counted with the participation of 20 publishers.



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