Hugo Chavez continues to have health complications

His third term in office is still pending

The Minister of Information of Venezuela, Ernesto Villegas, recently addressed the nation about the health problems of President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez is currently being treated at the Military Hospital in Caracas, where military forces have been placed around the hospital to guard the President, who is suffering from respiratory problems from complications that arose from his surgery in Havana, Cuba.

After a long absence from the country, Chavez finally returned to Venezuela on Monday, and is presidential inauguration for his third term in office is still pending.

Upon his arrival, Chavez issued messages to the national and international community through his Twitter account, but has not released pictures or appeared in public yet. His condition is very delicate that even Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, was not able to see him during his last visit to Venezuela.

The report by Ernesto Villegas is the first official news on the health of President Chavez since his return to the Latin American country.


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