New Google offices in California

We want to encourage innovation

[p]Google plans to build a new office near the San Francisco Bay Area which will occupy 1.1 million square feet, and will consist of a total of 9 buildings.


This is what David Radcliffe, who manages the properties for Google, mentioned to the magazine Vanity Fair.

Google has always purchased existing buildings and given them a personal touch by adding giant balls, pool tables, cafeterias everywhere, and so on. However, Radcliffe talked about how in the past two years the company has been thinking of just building their own offices from the ground up.

For the construction of the "Bay View" complex, Google will be partnering with the NBBJ construction firm, who has their headquarters in Seattle.

The new buildings appear to be curved rectangles, some with green roofs and will have a maximum height of 4 stories high with all of the buildings connected by bridges.

"In these new buildings every employee will be about two and half minutes in walking distance from each other, we want to encourage innovation and that if an employee has an idea, he or she can easily reach out to another co-worker and ask, hey what do you think of this?" said Radcliffe, and added, "We started not with an architectural vision but a vision of the work experience, and based on that, this is how we are building it."

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