Mexican police seize "cannon" that launches drugs to U.S. soil

This method of drug transportation has become a problem

Mexicali Municipal Police seized a "cannon" used by drug traffickers to "shoot" packages of drugs over the border into the United States, officials said.

Marco Antonio Carrillo, director of Public Safety in Mexicali, said the device consisted of a compressor with an air tank that was modified with a barrel attached to it in form of a cannon; all mounted in the bed of a pickup truck with license plates from California.

According to authorities, this device could launch drug packets that have 2 kilos hidden in cans at a distance of about 400 meters into U.S. territory.

Municipal officers found the abandoned vehicle during an operation in a neighborhood near the U.S.-Mexico border. No arrests were made.

Carrillo said that this method of drug transportation has become a problem for authorities on both sides of the border, due to their mobility.



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