Xolos and Libertad: the only invincible teams in Copa Libertadores

No goals against them

TIJUANA, BC. -So far in the Copa Libertadores de America 2013 tournament, the only two teams that have not been scored on are the Xolos from Tijuana, Mexico and Club Libertad from Paraguay. After two games that both these two teams have now played, the degree of difficulty to penetrate both teams defense and capitalized on a play with a goal, has proven to be very difficult for their opponents.

Out of the 40 teams that are participating in this tournament, all spread out into 8 groups, these are the only two teams that have not been scored on from all of the games that have now been played. Which is something that speaks well of their defense and their starting goalies.

Xolos have now won two consecutive games in the tournament and have scored 4 goals. Their first victory was against Millonarios from Bogota, Columbia (1-0), and the second one was against San Jose Oruro of Bolivia (4-0).

Club Tijuana’s goalie, Cirilo Saucedo, has been quite a brick wall at the arch, and who also has four really good defenders assisting him in protecting the net whom are Edgar Castillo, Juan Carlos Núñez, Javier Gandolfi and Pablo Cesar Aguilar.

Club Libertad on the other hand has also won two consecutive games, which the first one was against Palmeiras from Brazil (2-0) and the second was against Tigrest of Argentina (2-0).

The starting goalie for this Paraguayan team has been Rodrigo Muñoz, who has also counted on four terrific defenders to protect the arch, and whom are Gustavo Mencia, Pedro Benitez, Ismel Benegas and Jorge Moreira.

The terrific performance in this tournament by these two teams will be put up to the test next week, when Xolos will be facing the world club champions from Brazil, SC Corinthians Paulista. Meanwhile, Club Libertad will be going up against Sporting Cristal of Peru.



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