Naked women celebrate the Pope’s resignation

This is not the first time this group rebels against the Catholic Church

On the last official day of Benedict XVI as the Pope of the Catholic Church, 8 women from a feminist group decided to celebrate his resignation in a very peculiar way by showing their breasts, jumping around, screaming and singing.

These women entered the famous Cathedral and started mingling with tourists and churchgoers at first, but when the third bell rang before the start of mass, this group took off their long black coats and exposed their breasts, and only kept their small black shorts with stockings on.

On their breasts and back they had written down slogans like "No homophobia", "Crisis of the Faith" and "bye bye Benedict".

The group then continued to run around and rang the church bells with a piece of wood while shouting "Pope no more."

After being escorted out of the church, the group remained outside of the building and yelled out their slogans for a few minutes more.

This is not the first time this group rebels against the Catholic Church. Back in 2010 they did the same thing in Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Shortly before this protest at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the group also did something similar in St. Peter's Square Rome, while the pope recited the Angelus.


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