Report a pothole in Tijuana and win an iPad

The City of Tijuana invites you to participate in this contest

After the celebration that a group of Tijuana residents put together for the one year "birthday" mark of a pothole in town, the city council of Tijuana has now put together a contest for anyone from this city to report a pothole and enter to win an Ipad.

These potholes, which have appeared like "lemmings" across the border, at first was brought up as a joke by a social network group called "Let us love Tijuana", who posted a video on the Internet of the one year mark of a pothole.

This celebration caused almost an immediate reaction, in which city officials sent out a crew to cover the pothole an hour later.

With the phrase "they do not see, but you and I do," the Youth and Sports Committee is now inviting the public to report any pothole that they come across with, take a picture of it, and share it on their Facebook page.

Additional information you will need to submit with the picture in this contest is the correct location and "lifetime" of the pothole. The winner will be the picture with the most "likes" and will receive an iPad as a prize.

VIDEO: Pothole "Birthday" Celebration


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