Hugo Chavez on the verge of death

He is now "fighting for his life"

Today the Spanish newspaper ABC offered new details about the serious health condition of Hugo Chavez. At the same time, vice president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, admitted that Chavez was now going through some tough times.

Maduro comment on the health of Chavez during a public event and said: "Do you know why President Chávez neglected his health and has had to battle cancer for almost two years? Because he surrendered his body and soul entirely, and forgot about himself in order to provide housing, health and education for the people of this country." Chavez was now "fighting for his life."

ABC also reported that as part of the terminal cancer that Hugo Chavez is going through, there is now a new tumor that was detected on his left lung.

According to the newspaper, Chavez left home so that his family can be with him throughout this difficult moment. Therefore, his entire family will be with him at the presidential residence of La Orchila, where back in 2011, Chavez had installed special medical equipment on site for his medical needs.

The Minister of Communication of Venezuela, Ernesto Villegas, said that the information from ABC was incorrect, and that they were just rumors seeking to destabilize the people in that country. He also requested for the newspaper to lay off its citizens.


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