Bomb threat at the Tijuana International Airport

Travelers feared that the explosive might be in the plane

This morning, several passengers in a plane in Tijuana had reported the diversion of their flight due to a bomb threat at the international airport located at this border city.

After passengers were allowed to use their cells phones, a few people on board the plane had commented on the matter though their Twitter accounts to inform people of the status of the current situation, just in case anyone was on their way to the airport.

Other travelers feared that the explosive might be in the plane traveling from Tijuana to Shanghai.

Ricardo Arce, who is one of the passengers on a plane said, "At the time of the flight, having taken off from Tijuana, the pilot decided to go back and tell us just 20 minutes before landing of an alleged mechanical failure, but upon arrival the plane stopped half-way on the landing strip, where we were taking out of the plane. We were not allowed to take any of our stuff and there was a crew who began to take out the entire documented luggage. We were left in a room and not let out."

According to Ricardo Arce everything is going back to normal now, but no official statements have been issued yet.


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