Deer and Tigers found in "NarcoLab"

Police also found about 15 boilers

MEXICO. - During an operation that the police in the western Mexican state of Jalisco conducted, they discovered a laboratory that was used to manufacture synthetic drugs and also found "two Bengal tigers and some deer," said an official source.

The state public safety commissioner, Francisco Alejandro Solorio, in a news conference said that the discovery came after an anonymous call warning officials about a group of armed people in two properties located about 20 kilometers northwest of Yahualica.

While inspecting one of the properties, the agents detected a strong odor of "chemicals", and after searching the warehouse, police found some "exotic animals," referring to the tigers and deer.

Police also found about 15 boilers, and equipment for the manufacture of drugs that were installed in the warehouse for that purpose.

"People who were apparently there to detect when police units would come near, fled and left there the camp consisting of tents and huts," Solorio said to the newspaper " El Informador" of Jalisco.

The commissioner explained that the suspects ran and were not caught by the police, and that the criminal group who was operating in this site is unknown.

Officers have now reported the discovery of these animals to the Federal Prosecutor and the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, which will now take care of them.


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