U.S. budget cuts result in a 5 hour wait to cross from Tijuana

These two border cities will experience the effects

Because of the budget cuts in the U.S. that will also affect the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. It could now take up to 5 hours to cross from Tijuana to the United States, and at other international ports of entry.

With Less and less resources that will now cause the waiting time at the border to double, this is a fact that will affect both San Diego and Tijuana in the economic sector, particularly on the weekends when the waiting time increases, which will now discourage shoppers from both sides of the border from traveling and affect the economy of Southern California and Baja California.

Businessmen from both sides of the border immediately raised their voices like Jorge Martinez Escalante, who said that although the reduction in resources is inevitable, the Unions will push to shorten waiting times.

U.S. authorities are urging those who plan to cross the border to consider these new wait times, and also noted that other methods to cross into the U.S. like SENTRI will continue to operate normally, which the number of applications and a response time has also increased.

Through a press release issued by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, it noted that among the budget cuts, the loss of thousands of agents who work at checkpoint booths is being contemplated; along with cuts in different areas of operation including days off without pay for those who are currently employed with the agency.

All these changes began on March 1, which the effects are only expected to increase the waiting time to cross into the United States.




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