Baja California

Jorge Sanchez, Tijuana's fashion to the world

Designer speaks about his work and beginnings

In a studio full of sketches, mannequins and fabric, the designer Jorge Sanchez welcomes us to Tijuana. He first began designing as a child to be exact, and is now a fashion pioneer in this city who has made his name known in the region as a top designer. As we continued to talk, we could feel his love and passion for his art.

VIDEO: Designer Jorge Sanchez

Sanchez today has a cute and cozy shop located in the famous Avenida Revolucion that is decorated with pastel colors and mirrors that make the place feel "Retro" for any lover of the past. Here you can see his designs plus vintage clothing and very fashionable accessories that he restores, and is an ideal place for "shopaholics" who like to browse around and will most likely not leave the store without buying anything.

Aside from his shop in the down town area, Sanchez also has a studio that is located just one block from the famous park Teniente Guerrero, which at first glance what we saw were sketches, mirrors, mannequins, chandeliers, rolls of fabric and a large work table in the center. This is where the magic happens.

Jorge's specialty is dresses, especially night gowns because he likes to play around with different fabrics and colors. So if you have any in mind, he can help you to be the hit of the party.

What's next for Jorge Sanchez? Online sales and finding a connection between the people involved in this medium, in which he considers that there isn't one. Although this is not always the case, he still feels that there is a lot of competition and even jealousy among modeling agencies when it should not be that way.

"Unity is strength and is just what we should be, a union between the people of Tijuana who are involved in fashion. After all, this is a city with a lot of talented people with great potential," said Sanchez.



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