Hugo Chavez actually died from this

"I do not want to die, please do not let me die"

The General of the National Guard of Venezuela, Jose Ornella, said yesterday that Hugo Chavez died from a massive heart attack.

Ornella said that Chavez fought for his life until the very end, even as his illness progressed and limited his senses.

"He could not speak, but just by moving his lips he said ... 'I do not want to die, please do not let me die', because he loved his country and sacrificed himself for his country,"Ornella said.

The General confirmed that on December 8, when Hugo Chavez issued a message on national television to announce his fourth operation in Cuba, he knew there was little chance of him returning safely back to Venezuela.

Shortly before the Hugo Chavez died, the Vice President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, had indicated that the cancer that affected Chavez had been provoked by the enemies of the country. A Hypothesis that has been rejected by Colombian physicians, whose research team said that there was no scientific evidence that could determine that the disease, was inflicted. Chavez cancer was simply caused by cells losing their genetic information and abnormal growth.

In response to the allegations, the spokesman for the U.S. Department, Patrick Ventrell, issued a statement which said, "An assertion that the United States was somehow involved in causing President Chávez's illness is absurd, and we definitively reject it."


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