North Korea threatens U.S. with Nuclear Weapons

L.A. and San Francisco could be possible targets

Shortly before the United Nations announced new sanctions against North Korea, the North Korean government announced attacks towards the United States, in which they plan to use nuclear weapons.

A spokesman from the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the North will exercise its right for "a pre-emptive nuclear attack to destroy the strongholds of the aggressors" because Washington is pushing to start a nuclear war against Pyongyang.

The most recent nuclear test that has taken place in North Korea was on February 12 that even caused an earthquake in the region, which based on this last test, the U.N. determined new sanctions against North Korea.

Analysts' fear that possibly targets may be cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. But also said they doubt that the scientific progress in North Korea have allowed for them to develop a high-range missile that can reach such destinations.

North Korea considers that the new UN sanctions are part of a conspiracy that the United States has organized against them, and believe that these sanctions are trying to limit North Korean economic activity, to prevent their funds from being invested in developing nuclear weapons.

This is not the first threat by the government led by Kim Jong Un, who has previously released several videos as propaganda on attacking the United States, one of which showed Barack Obama in flames.

VIDEO: U.S. President Barack Obama on fire


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