Hugo Chavez’s body will be in a Museum

Just like leaders Ho Chi Minh, Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong

"So he can be in a glass case and our people can have him forever" were the words of the Vice President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, who was in charge of giving this news and informed the Venezuelan people that the president's body will be embalmed after the 7 days of mourning.


Funeral services were held this morning, which came as a big surprise to many who did not expect this event. Hundreds of Venezuelans are mourning their President and have been waiting in line up to 7 hours to see their leader, while at the same time expressing their love and gratitude towards their commander.

At first it was mentioned that Chavez would be buried in the National Cemetery next to Simon Bolivar. But now the decision has been made to embalm Chavez’s body just like leaders Ho Chi Minh, Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong. And have him on display at the "Museum of the Revolution."

Museum of the Revolution
Museum of the Revolution


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