North Korea Prepares Army for War

Men and women are starting to join the country's armed forces

After openly threatening the United States and South Korea, North Korea has held true to their word and announced today that the citizens of the North Korean nation have begun joining the country's military forces.

Publications made by North Korean newspapers "Rodong Sinmun", have published announcements of the citizens themselves, who are seeking to join the military after the United Nations announced new sanctions over the nuclear weapons tests the country has conducted recently.

"Everyone who can pick up a rifle is asking to be allowed to join or rejoin the Army in all provinces and cities," said representatives of the newspaper to CNN.

Just yesterday, North Korea also announced the first target of their attacks which would be Baengnyeong Island, part of South Korea.

Meanwhile, the United Nations indicated that the non-aggression pact for both North and South Korea was still valid since its cancellation must be agreed upon by both parties. Previously, North Korea threatened to cancel this pact in 2003 and 2009.


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