Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and the new Pope

"Something influenced the selection of a South American Pope "

"We know that our commander rose to such heights and is face to face with Christ. Something influenced the selection of a South American Pope, a new hand came and Christ said, well, the time has now come for South America," said Nicolas Maduro to the Venezuelan people after the new Pope was elected.

VIDEO: Nicolas Maduro’s Statements

His remarks became the target for criticism from the international community, for relating the death of the Venezuelan president and the conclave that was held at the Vatican.

Maduro also indicated that it would be difficult to embalm the body of Hugo Chavez, because the decision must have been taken prior to performing certain chemical processes for the preservation of the body. It is expected that the remains of Chavez will be placed next to another Latin American hero Simon Bolivar.

This has been a controversial week for Nicolas Maduro, who in addition to running for President on April 14. Maduro has also appointed a special commission to investigate the cause of death of Hugo Chavez, which he still insists that Chavez was poisoned.


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